Fiberglass Instruction Manuals on How To Fiberglass Mold, Plug, Lay Up, Fabricate and Fiberglass Repair

Fiberglass Mold Making - How To Make Fiberglass Molds
any Custom Fiberglass Part - Single or Multi-Piece Mold and Fabricate or Repair Fiberglass

You Get All 5 Fiberglass How To Instruction Manuals for the Price of 1

So You Want To Learn How To Make Fiberglass Molds?

With This 5 Manual Set You Will Learn Step by Step:

  → How to Make a Fiberglass Mold (Fiberglass Mold Making)

  → Fiberglass Fabrication (Fiberglass Boat Hulls, Car Body and Body Parts.)

  → Fiberglass Repair (The Basic are the Same and Apply to almost any repair.)


How To Make Fiberglass Mold Plug Layup or Lay Up Fiber Glass Design and Make Mold Plugs, which is a required course as the first major step prior to making any fiberglass mold. Once you understand how to design and make a mold plug, you'll understand the basics for mold making you can then apply to ANY Project!

How To Replicate from current parts or design new fiberglass molds of Fiber Glass Design and Make Single-Piece Fiberglass Molds for just about anything you can imagine without having to go through untold hours of trial and error to become an expert. Take your idea from drawing board to completion!

How To do multi-piece or 2 piece layup fiberglass mold Design and Make Multi-Piece Fiberglass Molds - The Multi-Piece Manual will show you how to make molds of objects that have deep cavities or odd angles. With this knowledge you can mold almost any shape imaginable!

How To Fabricate Fiberglass or Fiber Glass Fabricate One of a Kind Shapes - Without the Need for a Mold you can fabricate fiberglass boat hulls, car fenders, fender flairs, spoilers, speaker boxes and more. Be unique with your own one of a kind designs.

How To Repair Fiberglass Repair Damaged Fiberglass whether it's a hole in your jet ski, fishing or pleasure boat or your hot tub, the process is the same. Why pay $80/hour Shop Rates when you can do it yourself for the cost of materials?

Five Detailed HOW TO FIBERGLASS MANUALS All For The Price Of One

Whether you want to learn fiberglass mold making, fabrication and repair to compliment your hobby or take building custom designed fiberglass parts to the next level (Turning Your Hobby Into A Money Making Business. . .)

OR . . .

You're currently a fiberglass (Trial & Error) enthusiast, these manuals will serve to educate you with everything you need know to become an expert at fiberglass mold making, fabrication and repair for models or full size vehicle custom parts, fiberglass art, shower floor pans or just about anything else you can imagine.

Benefits: A few of the benefits of owning and using these Fiberglass How To Instruction Manuals:
  1. They will save you time:

    These manuals provide easy to understand, easy to follow step by step instructions with hi-res illustrations, (Pictures), of each step, saving you time required by learning through trial and error.

  2. They will save you money:

    These manuals provide clear and easy to follow directions that help you avoid costly mistakes with your materials and save you what it will cost to have a "Professional" complete a fiberglass project built for you.

  3. They will save you frustration:

    Suffering the frustration of trying to learn how to fiberglass by trial and error is why most people give up before they ever finish their first project. These manuals will save you the frustration of having to learn on your own from scratch.

  4. They Will Give You Confidence:

    Once you have completed a project using these manuals, you will have the confidence to take on any project but still have the knowledge of this 5 manual set as a reference library to refer to time and time again.

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Fiberglass How To Manuals with over
200 Full Color Pictures . . .

Detailed Instructions Take You From Your Concept . . .
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Concept Design (Pics Downsized For Web)
And Guide You step2 Step Resin to Fiberglass By Step Applying Glass By Step Step 1 By Step Step 2 By Step yada * To Completion * Completed Custom RC Car Body What Will Your First Project Be? Fiberglass body part projects
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