Having Problems Downloading Your Manuals?

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  1. Didn't Get All Your Manuals Downloaded?

    If you chose to download the manuals individually but before you got them all downloaded and somehow closed or lost the download page.
    Solution: Use the form below so I can send you a link to an alternate download page.

  2. Downloads timed out before completed?

    There may be an excessive percentage of "Packet Data Loss" between your IP's Server and our Server. If you lose the download page address, use the form below.
    Solution A.
    Please try it again later. You may get a better server to server connection and your downloads will be perfect.
    Solution B.
    If you try the downloads later and still are not successful or you lose the download page in the process, use the form below so I can send you a link to an alternate download page.

If you have other issues with your Manual downloads, please be specific regarding what happens so I can better assist you in getting your manuals.

I am normally able to resolve any customers download problem by the end of the following business day.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Mike Claggett, Sys/Admin


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The Mold Making Manual:
47 Full Color Pictures
(Downsized Picture Samples) And Step by Step Instructions Take You From Concept...
(Speed Racer the Movie)
Concept Design To Completion Completed Custom RC Car Body
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